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Nifty Robot Trading Software Auto trading signals provide the best trading performance result for mcx commodity market MCX in india and for NSE future market in India. These signals are designed based on price movement action. The main concept of our strategy is to make an entry if support or resistance is breaked. If traders are working in mcx commodity market with our auto trading signals with 5min time frame they can trade after 4.00 p.m by evening. So he or she can complete they own works by morning and concentrate the trading by evening. If traders plans to work with our auto trading signals for nse future or nifty future market they can follow the 3min time frame. 3min time frame in nse future market provide the best performance.

Since we said above, the signal is based on price movement action and should wait for to form support or resistance after the buy or sell signal generated by our trading software. If traders found resistance after buy signal they can make a buy order if the resistance high is beaked. Same for sell condition, if the support is break after sell signal should make a sell order in a market. Auto trading signal are simple to use and understand the trading concept of future market.

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