Convert Amibroker Afl to Dll

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Convert Amibroker Afl to Dll

we autotrading software provide a perfect solution to convert a amibroker afl to dll plugin using the .net for amiboker. The afl clients using may be highliy confedencial and they may like to protect the afl using password or a licence. By converting the amibroker afl to dll he or she can hide the formula from other visible.

We use a specific amibroker afl to dll converter to make a good amibroker afl to dll convection. If clients wish to convert they own amibroker dll to afl we help the customers but the dll file provided by the customer side should not be others company or others person dll. We provide a service in amibroker afl formula password protection so the customer can hide amibroker afl formula using password protection and licence the amibroker afl to provide to other end of the customer. The licencing with protect of the afl are vary with different plans, basic plans, medium protection and high pretection with server based.

By using amibroker afl password protection licence the clients can set a expire date of the afl eg: 10 day, 20 days … if the expire date reach the afl will automatically expire and will not show any indication about the market in amibroker. We convert the amibroker afl to dll and dll to afl but the clients provide the dll file to convert to afl should not have pirated version of dll. We don’t convert a pirated amibroker dll to afl.

Services We Provide
  • Protect amibroker afl formula using password protection.
  • Amibroker afl licensing
  • Amibroker formula hide using .net
  • Server based licence activation
  • Provide a best privacy for your afl
  • 95% Targeted Results
  • 24/7 Running Successfully
  • High Valuable Signals
  • Increase Your Success Rate
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