MT4 Data For MCX and NSE Nifty Futres

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Autotradingsoftware provide a live data for mcx commodity and nifty future market in india. The data we provide are high reliable in market. Tick by tick data provided for mcx and nifty in mt4 trading platform. We provide mcx data in mt4 platform free for 2 days, it mean we provide free demo for nifty and mcx chart live online for free for 2 days. Our package include a three exchange data we provide mcx data,nse future data, Indian currency and comex mt4 data with single subscription. Clients can download the demo version of our software use our mt4 data for 2 days for free. We are the leading mt4 charting software provider in india for all exchange with single subscription.

Charges: 1 month = Rs.750 (mcx, nsefuture, comex, currency)

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